Hi There..!!

urghh.. i just realized that i'm wayyyyy too malas nk update blog lately. disoriented at work. ditched friends' hangout invitations. woke up late almost everyday (since puasa month ;p). mkn byk! mls mandi (mlm saje ok.. pg2 mandi. dont get me wrong and not everyday). exercise?? hmmm.. lg r takde.

but still.. the good news here where i forgot to update that I'm a PROUD USER of the UNIFI service! yeaaahh!! i don't really care about those rumors spreading around telling that UNIFI sucks, overrated, overpriced, unstable and all. what really matter is.. it KICKASS!! since day 1, nothing bother me with the service. super fast downloads is all i need. compared to my 1mbps streamyx..urghh..

owh.. and thanks to Mr.Lonely , an anonymous blogger who drop a comment on my raya post (ape daa.. dh nk raya aji dh kot.. bole ade plak org comment post nih). so i feel "the need" to update.

another thing is.. to my friendly blogmates. sorry i didn't drop by your blog(s) too.

after raya haji i'm going on a vacay-trip to Koh Samui & Koh Pha Ngan for 1 week. so gotta be strong for just a couple of weeks now.. then stress-off. happy mode. enjoy the vacay. and back to work.

so you already know what's coming up next here in FranticFinger.. of course it's all gonna be about the trip!!
Kop Khun Krap!! ;)


Mr Lonely said...

haha... keep blogging then.. XD

A.I.Z.A.T said...

power, ptt ar gtau duit abih. nk gi jenjalan rupenye.bgs2.. have a nice trip..huhu..