2010's Super Vacay

I know it's already late but.. As promised; a quick recap of my unforgettable Koh Phangan experienced!! Exclusive for FF's reader!

19 - 24th Nov 2010
Departure from Subang Airport, Mal to Samui Airport, Thai via FireFlyz

Touched Down!
After going through the immigration check and all we've been swarmed by taxi's agents. We bargained for the cheapest taxi ride to Big Buddha Jetty and got it for 300 Bhat per person, plus boat's fare! hmm.. bot nk g Perhentian lg mahal.

Stepped in Phangan approx 1 - 2 hour later. Lambat coz nk kne tgu boat.
At the jetty area we've been swarmed again but this time by the hotels' agents.

Since we all didn't booked any hotel, chalet or guestroom, we try to get some info on the hotels rate from the agents.. and the price are ridiculous! way higher from what we expected as we already googled it before; obviously.. bongok!

Then we decided to find the rooms ourselves. Walk and walk and walk again from one to another hotels, chalets and guestrooms with everyone carried heavy luggage on their back until all were tired then only we stop for a rest on the sidewalk. This is were the good part begins, as we acted like a bunch of lost tourist, a female local approached us.

Thai: Som prang kong thai kap?
Mal: Huh?? Wtf she thought we are Thais or something (whispered to one another)

Mal: Sorry. We're not from Thai. We're Malaysian. (smile)
Thai: OOOoooOOooo.. (sumpah pjg dia pnye "ooo") Malaysia..
then she introduced herself _____. (ape tah name dia. aku nk sebut pn xreti)

Thai: Where sleep? have room? (it probably sounded something like that with a funny tone)
Mal: Nope. We don't have any rooms yet. Still searching for the best one. Do you know where we could find cheap rooms? For 5. Err..with a/c. (repeated for a couple of times)

Thai: 5? a/c? yes.. I can show. Come come! Price 5 days 4 nights, THB 3,000.
Mal: 3:2 r share..so RM 300. RM 100 each. OK! (sume senyum same sndri)

Save gle budget!!

Then she brought us to Peach Guesthouse; 10mins walk to Haad Rin's beach only.

Unpacked all gadgets

1st night.. pre-party!


The Famous Fullmoon Party!

totally WILD!!!!!

I had the time of my life - Dirty Bit!
(my personal theme song utk exp nih)

p/s: yg xbestnye.. iphone gue msk laut..potong jap r mood vacay ni.. warranty void coz msk air.. so i bought another 1.. bankrupt skjap ;(