2003 - 2009

Now you're gone
I realize my love for you was strong
I miss you here, now you're gone
I keep waiting here by the phone
With the pictures hanging on the wall
Is this the way it's meant to be?
Only dreaming that you're missing me
I'm waiting here at home
I go crazy, now you're gone!
There's an empty place in my heart
without my honey it will break apart
it wont heal, it never fades away
I will think about you everyday

Sila Cuba

1. bkak MS Word (xksh version ape pn jnji ms word r)
2. type Q33 NY (no. kapal terbang yg kne hijack n langgar WTC dlu)
3. tuka font type = windings
4. besakn font size sesuka ati
5. hasil dia..........tkejutkn??

ni aritu aku nk g lpk mamak kt setiawangsa dlm kul 12 lebey..lalu r kt mcd situ n i was shocked! wanna know y? see n judge it urself.