Congratulation to Mr. & Mrs Azmi

i'm not the official photog. i came because the groom himself request me to be there in case if the official hired by the bride don't show up. unfortunately, they came. both of them. fine with me since i know i came as sub.

what upset me most was; the official refused to cooperate and they were bunch of cocky son of a bitch. acting like they were somekind of super pro photog. pkai d80+kit lens kcoh pe brader! i'm not here to judge on the tools but their attitude (aku pn pkai cap ayam gak).

i know that you were paid and i'm not but there was nothing to lose if we combine force and skills isn't it? due to their arrogant-snobish-cocky aproach during the ceremony, i took a step back, let them do their job. hopefully their photos will meet the couple expectation and satisfied by it. however, i managed to get a few not so stunning shots as i always does. haha. laughing on the outside but aching inside. i'm not blaming anyone for what happened. i just annoyed with them. their attitude. their style.

Verse 2

ape r masalah mamat2 tu. bkn aku nk mintak share payment pn. nk jd kwn n bkongsi hobi yg same pn xle ke? B.O.D.O.H! (respek kt izzat n da geng time majlis aniq. dorg best!)

sbb aku mls nk kaco org-org terer wt kje n xdpt nk "pegang" pengantin, xdpt r aku nk wat experiment or suh dorg pose ikut suke aku. aiyo. so aku pn transformed jd tetamu. pikir sendiri r ape yg tetamu buat kt kenduri.

the chronicle of stress

this should help u to ease up a lil bit

the saga continues

i'm back from my branch meeting and guess what?
got a new fucking task! duhh
why now? is it caused by some sort of intergalactic interference to my star that triggered my most stressful day in 2009 so far? if it is, i better take note and be extra cautious for the next couple of years. -_-' haihh~

back on the task given.
i've been put in charged to lead and organize MAL KBW's meeting this coming sunday.
very short notice isn't it? it was not an offer, it was a forceful order by the highest authority. so i can't denied or rejected it. we have our own unwritten rules whereas an order is deceived.

starting next monday onwards i will have to confront several companies human resource representative for a fixed interview by scicom.

i sometimes wondered, how those super busy people such as the prime minister handled their stress. and this is why i can't run the nation. haha! bodo r fezza ingt klaka ke huh??

i'm tired n need a goodnite sleep. hopefully tomorrow gonna be pleasing.

p/s: still hearing that "nyaring" fucking thing. tdo dgn dodoian Mocca - Sebelum Kau Tidur


Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.

what do feel if someone suddenly come screaming out loud right beside your ear and in public. then all people around around u starts to stare at u like u were guilty in a way. it was not some kind of practical jokes neither a way to attract attention. i was loud, hasty and "nyaring-tahap-bingit-telinga" out of a sudden , complete packaged. n i got a big presentation in a couple of minutes. isn't stressing, distracting n humiliating? my reaction was..

"pukimak!! kepala hotak mak kaw r weh! lancau anak haram! sundal!! anjing!! babi! pe masalah ko ni sial??!!!"

but i didn't said it. i would and i keenly wanna do it with "penumbuk n penerajang" at the same time. but i didn't. seriously. for those whose known me for a long time should know how i would react to something similar like what happened earlier. it happened. but luckily this time i didn't explode. yet, i manage to keep my cool but the effect.. it burns inside. yup it still is. i've been humiliated for god sake! i can't bear it.

1 thing that proud the most with me today.. i think professionally. what would possibly occurred if i react as i would be?

give me ur empathy. what do u feels?

sory gotta meeting to attend

New Recruitment

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again..

- jason mraz (not related with the post below)

yes lucky for those who are Malaysian and uni/college graduates that visiting my blog in or unintentionally..the MDEC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Sdn. Bhd. now open new recruitment for those unemployed fresh graduates to join a fully sponsored & job guaranteed camp!

MSC Malaysia Job Camp as part of its plan to develop Human Capital and to enhance the talent-pool for the development of the Business Outsourcing Industry in Malaysia. The Outsourcing business is the fastest growing business in Malaysia and the world today.

SCICOM (MSC) Berhad, a Malaysian public listed corporation and a global industry leader in Business Process Outsourcing, has been appointed to Recruit, Educate and Place suitably qualified Malaysian graduates for this project. As a result, a comprehensive programme specially customized for entry level graduate students has been developed and deployed to meet this end.

  1. Malaysian Citizen
  2. Dip/Degree holder from Unis or MQA (formerly known as LAN) approved Colleges
  3. CGPA 2.8 and above (for CGPA less than 2.8, applicants must meet all assessment criteria)
  • A strict assessment scheme has been devised to ensure that the desired entry criteria is met during the recruitment phase;
  • Graduates who successfully complete this programme can be assured of being formally educated, competently trained and ‘work-ready’ for their future employers;
  • Graduates of this programme shall be guaranteed jobs with our preferred Employer on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Starting salary : RM 1800 - RM 2500
for futher inqueries, feel free to call me at 0176308942 (working days) - Mr. Fezza

as 1 of the participant, i'll share with u roughly what is it all about
  • what a great, exhilarating & never been better experience of education!
  • different approach of education, say bye2 to ur uni/college way of thinking and working style
  • motivational
  • building teamwork & leadership
  • improving communication skills! - lectures 100% in british english
  • experience, fun & energetic tutors
  • don't be proud with ur MS Word skills yet (haha! secret to fast, clean & uncluttered report writing skill revealed)
  • how to harness the juice of stress
  • learn to be professional & be 1!
  • the best part is..daily allowance!!
  • lots of other great and amusing activity not to be miss
  • plus, since currently you are unemployed..only for 2 month.there's nothing to lose! believe me fellas..u ain't gonna get this opportunity elsewhere
there you got it. a few from what i've experienced through this outstanding course.
owh..i forgot to mention that this course's certificate is given by Edexcel, London & internationally recognized.

p/s : they already setup interviews for my batch (2nd batch) next week and onwards with multiple company by means of various business background.

to my wild wacky madcap colleague :
"all the best guys! lets show them what we are made of!!"

now i urge those unemployed and seeking for a job graduates, this is the platform for u should take and move a step higher to ur dream job. or u rather to be in ur position right now? it's all on u. i got nothing to do with it. but as a compassionate civilized citizen of Malaysia i urge u once again to grab this opportunity. signing off. halla~

Mouthy Mouth

Since from that day, i never used my own streamyx and cut the service few month later because the geek is a pure-hearted person and always giving donation to the poor, he never close the network, it always there for me. Except for a certain time, mostly because of bad weather or they're out of town for a few day. Else, it's me the evil wireless network-sucking parasite. Hahaha!! (Evil laugh) read more

the above paragraph seems familiar?
it is from my earlier post about my free internet connection at home and this post gonna be related to it.

last few days i've met few of my childhood friend at my basement co-incidentally after i sent incik pramu to fly to dubai. so for a person who are friendly and nice to others (yeah right), i went and greeted them. they N, C and J.

we had a lil chat on what currently we're doing since don't bumped with each other often. then we were talking nicely about anime, vynl and other new drama that can be download via internet.
ahaha..the most stupid thing that i regretted happened here.
told them about my free wifi intentionally to bragged to C bcoz he's been paying to J for using his wifi. because of lack of hanging around with them for years, i forgot that J was my neighbour's bestfriend and still is mybe. ok i thought it was ok since i'v once told him about it before but i forgot about C..the batu neraka. u can figure out what happened next after i left them don't u?

i got my laptop back from my sister 2 days before i had a chat with them. the 1st day i
was connected to network but unlucky for me that i didn't used for internet instead formatted it. at 1st i thought since there was an internet connection it will be easy for me to find all the driver that i needed nevertheless what did i got the next day was a new SSID with password encrypted. great..just when i need it most. i cursed. balistically!

if u wanna says it was too! but why now?

so the era of free hi-speed wifi with unlimited access is over for me and a few of my friend who always made my house looks like starbucks. darn! but what do i hate the most of this pieces of bullshit is the part where C forced J to tell my neighbor about me sucking their signal. what the hell r dude. they already rich sucking our money through the "maintainance-service-abah-dia". kecoh r! xluak r wehh..lahanat! aku pn nk psg internet aku sndri r gampang! streamyx sial ni plak 1 hal sial gak! aku dh siap standby wireless router dh pn! sok agent streamyx yg angkat aku pnye call bakal kne maki r nih. bak kate for ur level of stress..don't let it burnout as posibble. klu x burnout pn sok aku nk maki gak streamyx. silap2 jap g. (off topic)

mm..conclusion dia snang jek..M.E.L.A.Y.U
  1. dengki
  2. ske bende free
  3. .....................
yg len aku bg kt korg utk..

renung2kn & slamat bramal! - utz. EZ atau Lu Pikir R Sndri!!!!!!!! asamekom~ - Ahmad Nabil b. Ahmad

Shitty Shitmyx Service

it has be a month or more since i registered a new land line and internet service but since then i never get the chance to be on the virtual world using my own acc! can u imagine how suck it is?

i should have wrote this post earlier when my mood was still raging to curse the nation telephone & internet service provider because now i'm not in the mood for it. but i'll brief on the sequence of the case for u to judge on how suck it is!

after the day i registered for shitmyx combo
- 1st Week
the TM technician came & setup my fixed line

- 2nd Week

waited for the line to be activated

- 3rd Week
fixed line activated!
waited for the shitmyx technician show up

- 4th Week

they finally came.
but there was an error, they can't connect to their server using my line.
they said, "sory encik..talian telefon ni belum active utk shitmyx lg r."
and i was liked..hey what the hell?! (dlm ati r)
"so ape yg aku kne wat ni?" i questioned him.
"encik tgu r lg 2, 3 or sminggu lg..username sume saya dh bg.klu papehal encik call r ktorg pnye hotline."
i kept my cool and asked them to leave since there was nothing they can do about it.

- 5th Week

kept calling the hotline and told them about my problem.
all i got was the same solution..
"hav u checked,..."
"the adsl deod is flickering or not?.."
"can u make calls from ur phone?.."
"try to switch it on and off..restart ur pc.."
"turn off the modem.."
"if u hav router shut it down too.."
"plz on all gadget in sequence"

(ni klu aku g interview call centre shitmyx ni confirm dpt r!dh hafal dorg pnye text kot)

even there was a day i made 5 calls and each lasted for 30 mins to 1 hour!
i was pissed! after the 5th call i had enough..i said to the agent..
"it's ok miss..i'll get to the nearest TM Point to settle out with them."
i did went to TM Point and i got a very simple fucking answer from the manager or what ever his post was..

"mintak maaf encik, talian dkat kawasan ni mmg ade masalah sket skrg ni. encik tgu lg seminggu. time kasih."

eyy..lucky for him i was not in the mood to make a scene..
i was in a hurry coz i'v double parked the car and blocked a few motorcycles.
better get back there before they slip a ticket on my windshield or scratches.

- 6th Week

guess what..

i'm still
f.u.c.k.i.n.g waiting!!!

p/s: seb bek r nafsu mencarut aku xbpe nk kuat sgt arini. yup yup!! i should hav wrote this earlier -_-'


i'v been away for quite a while since my last post..
aahh it feels great to seat at my desk and let my finger frantically typing out words and sentences that generated from my idiotic clumsy mind. would be better for me to start with wishing you guys Happy New Year 2009 although its kinda late but it doesn't hurt anyone if i did.isn't it? but plz..don't ask about my new year's resolusion. last year's didn't turn out as i expected but luckily i found my way around it and i manage. I SURVIVE 2008!!

how are you? great? good for u!
feeling great both physically and mentally are a good sign to start a new year.
i hope i will.

i miss u guys so much..yes i know u feel the same way.ahaha

for the past few days..i'v been doing nothing eventhough i had a long holiday since xmas till 4th Jan 2009. except for rearranging home furniture especially in my bedroom. i try to setup new year's moods and feels and let the past be bygone.

before i proceed with my fresh 2009 post. i would like to answer a few queries from my dearest friends.

Q : how long have you been back in town?
A : end of oct last year

Q : its been a while since u get back..then why u haven't update ur blog?
A : its complicated my u know when i get back here i do have "free wifi service" (refer to After 7 Month) but my wireless adapter broke down.i don't know why. and i gave my laptop to my sister for her to use in kmaman.

Q : i heard that u join a job camp for unemployed graduates sponsored by gov..what the hell is that all about?
A : its a training where we (the participants) under go training with an outsource MSC status company selected by the MSC itself on related/certain field base on our cert. we do have the opportunity to work for other MSC status companies on their list. as for me, i aim for Air Asia, HP, Petronas or FSecure. in general..the
course is made to prepare us to work as professional in a working environment. if u need more details..u have to join it urself.

Q : i saw u updated ur facebook profile quite frequent but why not ur blog?
A : answer is simple. i tumpang2 my friend's laptop, i on9 using PSP or i'm at my friend's.
i don't usually blogging using any of that bcoz i need privacy, peace and ideas. but i do sumtime blogging in public places but it depends on my mood.

Q : i heard that u got an offer from E** **C for a post and the salary was way above ur grade. why don't you grab it?
A : so u heard eyy..urmm..currently they are renewing their contract with A** J****. while waiting..i better finish the programme i attent. if my luck still there i'll go. for sure! after all, there's nothing to lose since the job camp also guaranteed a job after i finish the course.

Q : are u a wedding photographer?
A :
definitely not! yet.. for now..i'm more into hobby but mybe someday i'll make it as a part-time job. maybe ok? get it?

Q : now u r living where and with?
A : my late mom's with my elder bro. he rent his house to make side income so he went back here.

Q : still partying?
A : of coz!! haha but only when there's a big n outdoor event.

Q : what is ur newly born niece's name?
A : Nur Ain Afeeqah

Q : how the f*%k did u on9 right now?
A : i borrow incik pramu's mancis broadband since my house phone is still not configured to streamyx system (according to what the agent said on the phone) and i can't take it anymore. no more waiting. i really need to blog on sumthin. next post i'll write about the TM s^#t. i'v registered for about 3 weeks now and still can't on9??what the...


thank you for reading. next post will be fully written in PISS & CURSING MODE. i'm freakin' blaze!!!