Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Tweaking

I still can read, understand & do a lil' tweaking in programming coding. haha!
I haven't spoke or touched codes for a very long time and maybe only untill the end of myspace era.
iPhone made me realized it. I've done quite a mod with cydia themes but somehow it doesn't suits me..
Then I decided to get futher in with the widget stuff, JAVA, CSS and whatnot..
Before I present to you my latest 4.2.1 theme, I would like to thank all the original developer; you guys made the most of it!
What I did was only rearranged the files and codes ;)



Final Touch

done n done!


1 hari try login (every 15mins; used edge|3g|wifi) xdpt! ok lg..mybe fb mobile ade prob..
xpe bole update kt umh nnt..(optimistic r knon)

smpai je umh dr perlis..lom unpack brg trus on pc n bkak fb xsabar nk update.. 18x try pn cmni!!

time nk xnk gne ok plak ko! babi!!


A friend (whose-name-are-not-to-be-mention-obviously-duhh) told me a quote earlier which I don't know from where he got it but I superLIKE it!

Don't Point Your Finger To People Because They Can Show Their Middle Finger Right Back To YOU..!!

Yup.. I strongly agreed!