Go Go Power Rangers!!!

  • Yes!! i'm back on my feet!
  • Keep the rush comes..Go adrenaline!!
  • Strive to be happy ;)


That must be it; reasons of this irritating hormones imbalance bla..bla..bla.. That caused:-

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • hypersensitivity
  • irritability
But that is for guys over 40s.. Fuck You hormones!! It just me. I'm having a serious breakdown here and i started to post something useless + meaningless (ade ke post yg truly useful??)..

The thing is.. I just want to write.. Just to clear off my mind from unnecessary distractions towards my goal(s).. Thank you for reading. Bye~

p/s: pc rosak..cilake pnye adware! sape ade cd windows?? xp/7?? pinjam jap.. vista xmo.vista suxx..same cmm blackberry..owh...btape anti nyer aku ngn blackberry!!!


hp dh JAHANAM..Cibai!!!
dh 2x sbb ko hp aku bderai..BABI!!!
....... (terus dan terus dan terus mencarut lagi..)