Impromptu Gath

after 9 years we haven't met..finally, i met my fellow classmates on the 3rd day of raya. yea! luckily i woke up n picked up call after a couple of missed call frm hairy n ain early morning that day. only god knows what i would miss if i'm not awaken by the calls after 2 days of jln2 raya to my aunties n uncles n melantak cm org gle. 9 years..9 years after graduated from high school we gathered once again at my lovely teacher that i miss so much at her crib+tuition in paroi, seremban, n9.

we gathered.have a lil chat on what are we up to nowadays.exchanged phone numbers.mkn..n mkn..nasi briyani if i'm not mistaken..cooked by teacher's hubby (sempat jugak dia masak). too bad we don't have plenty of time coz teacher's schedule already packed that day with lots of open house invitation.but still, she squeezed in our squad terjah into her list.

anyhow..i'm taller than u now think about it..i used to be at ur shoulder but now..its overturn ;) isn't it?

too all my ex-school n class mate that i haven't met (yet until now), i wish u all the best in what ever u r currently doing. n i guess it is not too late too wish u guys a "Selamat Hari Raya.Maaf Zahir n Batin" (zaman skola dlu aku byk wt hal..klu ade yg still majuk ke trase ati ke..sorry r.klu xd hal2 dlu xd r kenangan manis org kate r..bkn aku kate ek.).

hopefully we can keep in touch. cherish the memoirs we had back on those days aite.

signing off - fezza|adek

she was the 1 who acknowledged me 1st when other teachers pay no heed to me during my 1st year at the new ground..far..far away from home n alone, encouraged me when i'm demotivated, she was there when i'm in need, she's like a mom to me. even until now..during the gath..the moment i stepped in the house lawn..all the guys said (it would be better if i say they shouted) " anak mama dh smpai!! dh..dh..jgn salam ktorg..ko g salam mama ko tu dulu.." at 1st glance i saw her..i don't know how should i react..should i shake and kiss her hand?or hug her instead?should i smile?or should i cry?thanks 4 everything teacher..all the deeds, love n could i ever repay u.i don't know.

Salam Aidilfitri

khusus utk sume rakan2 blogger, reader n passer..saya ingin memohon ampun & maaf sekiranya terdapat post2 yg mnyinggung perasaan saudara/saudari secara sengaja atau pn tidak. selamat hari raya semua!!

p/s: klu korg ade wt open house jgn lpe invite yek. ;p