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got it from aizat. cool!

i survived!

for the 1st time i really enjoyed Labour Day yesterday. waiting for it felt like i was waiting for semester break; impatient and excited! and plus, i survived my first month working at a new place. awesome isn't it? haha!

if u notice, i haven't has the chance to browse my fellow bloggers' blog for quite some time. sorry guys! i haven't update mine either. hopefully all of u still linked me to yours. hehe

a few minute earlier i when to aizat's, i read his wishlist and it striked me up instantly as instant as instant mee (maggi r ape lg..tp aku bkn nk mkn maggi k). i remembered mine. where did i put it? myspace. yeah! so i went to myspace. pergh...berhabuk gile myspace gua beb. lg bhabuk dr bwh krusi antik nenek korg. haaha off topic nih.. back to what i said about the list..fucker r fezza only 2 out of 5 fulfilled! not an achievement to be proud off.

so i decided to make a new 1. and it goes like this;

My New

24" LCD Monitor
iPhone 3G
Nikkor 70-300mm VR
gain weight

let's see if i can score more than 3 in 1 year period, i'll called it an achievement and i can be proud with myself.

p/s: if i needed to be clear; this is my short term goals