my 23rd bday shout

23rd bday of my life..
i hangout at the very same spot i hung last year with aizt n komeng.
dis year i was invited to dinner by 1 of my friend from "the academy" whose named shall not be mention here to remain privacy.
yup..same spot..same table..
actually..aku dmam..asgmnt pn xsiap lg!
but since there's SOMEONE dh ajak kua nk blanje mkn, kua je r ;)

dis year pnye bday dpt new niece..yea! haha
tp xdpt same bday date. she was born last Saturday, 13th Dec
sket je lg nk same..dh ckp dh kt akak aku suh dia hold till 15 ;p (bole lak cmtu)

mmm..nk emo jap..

i only received bday wishes frm my family n gf..
where did all my friend goes?
just to fill up my curiosity cell in the brain.
are they dead??or i'v been deleted frm their friend list?? (cm facebook/myspace bole men delete2)

ok..dis year..
i bought myself a hp as a gift to myself.
a lil motivation frm my sister.
new watch n picture frame frm my gf.
bday dinner n breakfast frm 1 of my colleague.
a mms wish frm my staff in kemaman.
a straight forward wish frm my brother.
and i'v try to recall more but there's none left.

dis year..
i wish myself to do better in life, romance n career.
i wish i'll not gonna be forgotten by my friends.
i wish i'll become more mature in a way.
i wish all my wishlist fulfill!

happy 23rd bday - fezza > jln yap kwn seng , 01:00 am , 15 dec 2008

hai kwn2..!!

aku dmam..

aku pnye akak nk bsalin..(mintak2 r 15hb)

aku br hadiahkn diri aku hp smpena bday aku..

aku dh lame xon9..

aku join MDEC job camp training..

aku xjmpe lg kengkwn yg ku rindu..

aku lapa..

aku fezza..