last fri i was visited by my uncle..
i leaved my job n sat wit him at a cafe near by..

him: "hey..r u gonna stay here n just do wut u r currently doin right now?"
me: "y u ask such question?"

him: "no lah..i just wondered dat could i make other business here..sumthin dat really profitable n i'll let u run it for me.." he said n grinded
me: ....silent as my mind went up da sky n see thru kmmn as the Eye Of Sauron sees the Middle Earth in TLOTR.

him: "mm..u r a IT graduate right..y dont u open up a cyber cafe!"
me: "naahh..peeps here r not like they were in sni only for budak2 la uncle..not worth it."

him: "so, wut do u hav in mind?"
me: "another franchise myb.." (cite2 nk tinggi jek)

him: "sni mcd ktne?..kerteh je kn??"
me: "yup! n da best mcd 2 hangout is in TC."

him: "ye r..eii sni kfc a&w sume idop x?"
me: "kfc idop..24hours lg..but a&w kureng sket r uncle..u know la y.."

him: "hhmm i could try to get mcd's franchisee lisence but..
me: ala..ade but ke..

him: "..u now r mcd..ssh sket nk lpas kt malay..can u thinks of sumthin else?"
me: br je nk senyum lebar..dh tpinga-pinga blk.." urm..i'll think about it."

him: "xkisah r ape2 jenis pn..i nk u survey..if u got it,,hello me at anytime will ya?"
me: "anything?? ok!" with a smile on my face

if he's really for real to gimme such opportunity..i dun wnt anything big such as wut he's offered..i'm thinking of a place to hangout such as Asia Cafe in Subang or a futsal's court by seaside..dat would b great dun ya think??

it seems like a fantasy but if he's serious about it then..can i b da person he want me 2??? god help! i want to b success in life.

::[ Music, Love & Respect ]::

2 Days Of Freedom 2008 !!!

Cosmic Gate??Nope..they r the Gate KeeperAniq taking shots of the scene at the 1st gate.Aniq kelaparan..Saturday after snooker coz xtaw nk wtpe dhpose jaguh snooker..poyo (jaguh ke jangung??)Mr.Arip..we stayed at his house 4 2 nites. thanx bro!

Camwhoring again at the entrance on saturday eve

2nd day.We arrived at 17.30 haha smagat gle..actually nk msk nk snap sum pic n vid but we'v been told by azmir's fren dat we r not allowed to bring in camera or camcoder bcoz of a lot of sons n daughters of VVIP are there n it meant for their privacy safety! i was! so we when back to the car n leaved all the gadgets there n yes we were cursing all the way.later on we saw peeps wit cam..$%^&*!! n the event has started!

10mins later i got fed-up n told the guys i wanna get the camera. aniq handed over the car keys n i ran to get it with camera n changed frm slipper to shoes..we ran back not sprinting but just enough to kept our cool..

omg! at the gate peeps r queing like hell..all lane except the vip. (haha..i wonder y??) we waited patiently 4 our turn "utk diamik ksmpatan" by the security. i went in without any problem..there was no drug or any foreign object attached..dude..its not like any other event i'v been.totally fuckin strict! till i'v to took off my shoe .aahh bullocks! u know wut i mean?? then i waited 4 nas. "pehal la lembab lak ni??" ati kecik aku bebunyi. later on i saw nas walking towards me. his face was a lil pale n blushed so it turnout to b klaka. i asked him y? he answered "ni..dlm pouch aniq ade ubat cirit lak..tu yg wt sangkut tu. sial tul!" n i was HAHA! cian nas..confirm malu gile org rmai pndang.

at the main stage party peeps hv increased n dj vinn r groovin da crowds wit his beat. so now i'v got my cam, let see sum of da pic frm Freedom 2008 baby!!! ( sorry pic yg cecantik xle nk share ;p )

Vinnvinn warmed up sessionok..nothing's wrong wit da spotlights3 dude acting like they were coolshowing they whistle's lightits time 4 Cosmic Gate to roxx!! *clap ur hand peeps!*and they got chicks...damnthe lights n lasers showsyeeeaaahhh..!!"hey how u doin Malaysia?? do u know who we r??"she's hot!...............................she's not!Mr.Bean & Monkey ManGo baby go!!!2 chinese dude sandwiching a girlhere comes the Roboman by Cosmic Gate!the crowds cheering as they moved to da beatcrazy ass fellachillin out..cathing their breathMr.Bean wit his fanjust shoot her for real.tq

At least I got my own picture of him even though not in a good quality but it still Tiesto's baby!!