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tired of workin with ur PC?
u need a cup of COFFEE & a MAC!
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Iron Man The Movie

ROFL! dumbass

Iron Man The Movie Preview

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Friday I'm In Love

da first friday dat i really feels like i'm havin a weekend break! last after 1 month i'v been here next to da sea..i'v finally feel it, touch it..but not swimming or surfin just hang around n bitchin at da beach..played wit da black-wet-sand n wet my short a lil..haha dun get me wrong aite ;p not much to do there except enjoyin my double cheez n da delicious cornetto sundea and add-on ocean breeze on top of it ;) calming i could say..yes i'm a town boy..never been so close wit da ocean it feels different when u can see seas every day..there's a big culture shocked sticker on my forehead..haha gosh..signing off~halla!

( currently waiting 4 my oceanic view doubled-storey terrace's cf..eii kapez klu ko nk sewa or bli umh lg satu tu yg jiran ngan awek cute tu ko amik r..aku tamo dh..umh brg..hehe )

ps: there'd sum1 asked i gonna settled down here in kemaman?..hmm..i might b (its only 3 hours away from kl la aiyoo..)